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Automate your tax withholdings.
Not sure how much to set aside monthly? Let us handle that - you can  have your monthly employment taxes automatically set aside, so that you're never behind. We'll also make sure that you get all of the tax deductions available to you.
Tax filings executed flawlessly.
We'll file your federal and state taxes for you before the deadline. One less headache to worry about!
Fully-covered health and retirement benefits
The average 1099 worker pays close to $500 a month for health insurance. We'll provide your health and retirement benefits (and more) for $45 a month.
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Milly Johns
Marketing Lead at

“This app has been the best thing that’s happened to me, it makes my life so much easier!”

Kelly Johnson
Junior Lorem Isum

“An impeccably designed application that can really impact the lives of those working as 1099s.”

Bred Millson
Junior Lorem Isum

“A fantastic concept, amazing that it hasn’t been done sooner.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Our full suite of benefits for Elite members can be found in the Benefits section at the top.

No, we don’t force you into any long-term contracts.

All of the documents that we will need from you can be found in the list here and at the link above. You can upload these straight through the app.

You must be a Pro or Elite member for at least three months before the tax deadline. Tax deadlines and other important dates can be found here.

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